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Babypups Blue Eyed Merle Chihuahuas and Poms

Written by Maya Smith


Posted on September 04 2021


Merle Chihuahuas for sale San Antonio, TX at Babypup.

Merle Pomeranian Puppies For Sale in San Antonio, TX at Babypups

We have some gorgeous blue eyed puppies right now for incredible prices! Yes I said it! $5000 for such rare puppies is unheard of! Take your time and go look around to see if you can find many of the blue eyed merles as they are super rare and not easy to find. We have incredible quality and rare pups at Babypups.com 

We strive to bring your beautiful, rare unique puppies that you wont find just anywhere including blue eyed merle puppies! Blue Eyed puppies are not an easy find for anyone looking for such rare quality and type. We have some gorgeous blue, blue and tan and LILAC puppies now too in chihuahuas and poms! Lilac is still a VERY rare color in the pom and we have one male available who is LILAC and TAN which is even harder to find. 

We offer Blue Eyed Merle poms and Blue eyed merle chihuahuas! We will be bringing more designer puppies too in merle and rare blue eyes in our designer puppies at Babypups.com in San Antonio, TX. 

If you are looking for a merle a tip is the search Merle in the search bar at the top of the website. It will guide you to all of our Merle puppies. 

Babypups specializes in those hard to find puppies of unique and rare colors. We have excellent quality of Lineage from Korea puppies and European bloodlines. We offer a variety of colors! Our chihuahuas are not like your typical mean chihuahuas that you find in US bloodlines. Our babies have amazing temperaments that love everyone and are super lovable. They never meet a stranger. I will give it to Korea and their program with breeding the best temperaments for the breed and why we implement the Korean Lines into our program. They also are True Appleheads for which most families are looking for which is the Old world original chihuahua before they were bred to look like the deer type. We prefer the applehead and shorter muzzle in our chihuahuas with beautiful eyes. 

We also breed bear faced poms with shorter muzzles and an open expression. Not the fox type with a longer face and more point large ears. 

Rare Merle Pomeranian, Rare Merle Chihuahua puppies with blue eyes. 

Take a peek at : Sweetie, Magic, Mateo, Tessa and Tori under chihuahuas to see all the blue eyed babies. 

Click links below to see the breeds we have in merles now: 

Merle Chihuahuas for sale San Antonio, TX at Babypup.

Merle Pomeranian Puppies For Sale in San Antonio, TX at Babypups



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