BabyPups New Tiny Merle Chihuahua Litter Available


Introducing our New Merle Chihuahua Litter. This litter is estimating 3-5 lbs full grown. They are all marked so uniquely and so beautiful.  Maestro, Maddox, and Malcom. 3 Beautiful little boys so sweet. has some of the cutest teacup and mini chihuahua puppies for sale in Texas. 

They will be ready in Early October for his home. They have the beautiful appleheads and shorter muzzles. Merle chihuahuas are still considered to be rare to the breed and all are so beautiful and uniquely marked. 

If you are looking for the perfect puppy then consider our adorable, sweet tempered chihuahuas that want to offer you tons of love and companionship. 

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