Beautiful New Korean Poms, Maltipoos and Poodles Available

Beautiful New Korean Poms, Maltipoos and Poodles Available



We have new Korean Puppies Available at

Shop Javi the Tiny Maltipoo Boy 

Shop Josie the Tiny Poodle Girl 

Shop Jaxon the Beautiful White Male Pom

2 New listings today for a red female poodle and gorgeous sable pomeranian female too so make sure to look at our New Arrivals for their listings. 

We offer payment plans on our korean puppies. 1 payment now to reserve and the final payment prior to the puppy shipping. 

There are more details to follow up on when purchasing our Korean puppies. Make sure you read over the Korean Puppys Page. There are additional fees at each port for pick up and usually a broker is required to clear your puppy for you at the port. You can google a list of brokers in your area and find one that clears live animals. They make the process go a lot smoother than you clearing the puppy via customs on your own behalf. Different airlines charge pick up and paperwork fees in addition and most are $150-$300 depending on the airport. Once the flight is booked the airline will reach out to confirm the flight with you and you can ask about additional fees with them for pickup. Broker cost usually run $150 to $300 as well. 

If you are interested and have questions about the entire process give us a call and we can go over it with you. Buying a puppy from our breeding program you will not have to endure all the extra fees or retain a broker. We can ship right to you with our nanny service for the $800 shipping fee. 

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