Gorgeous Mini Toy Size Cavapoo Updates Today! Est 5-8 lbs full grown!



Have you been dreaming of a toy size cavapoo baby that will stay small enough to take everywhere with you? Well, Meet our "F" Litter with FletcherFluffy, Fendi, Frisbee, Freya, and Farley! Gorgeous Cavapoo babies ready to win your heart and be a part of your world. Mini Cavapoos are a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Toy poodle cross. These babies are 3rd generation and have such beautiful expressions and personalities. Mini Cavapoos are smart, lovable and very loyal to their owners. They are great companions for any family and love kids! Low to non-shedding which makes them great for those with allergies! Perfect breed with most. You will fall in love with their amazingly soft fluffy coat and dreamy round big eyes. 

See our Newest updates to our Cavapoo puppies for sale and be amazed at the quality of our newest litter of mini cavapoos in Texas. They will be ready for their home in September and can be picked up in San Antonio, TX or we offer shipping with a nanny to your closest airport. 
We have mini cavapoo puppies regularly so keep watching our website www.babypups.com for more updates of new litters. 

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