Meet Our Two New Premium Baby Girls ❤️😍 “Latte” & “Hanna” - Tiny, Sweet & Amazing ✨

Babyppups Meet Our Two New Premium Baby Girls ❤️😍  “Latte” & “Hanna” - Tiny, Sweet & Amazing ✨

Good Afternoon! 

We want to introduce you to two of our newest premium baby girls, Latte & Hanna 😍❤️ Latte has an immaculate alluring cafe au lait curly coat! She really brings the definition to the word adorable! She has a warm light hearted nature and known to make everybody giggle around her. If your looking for a bright light in your day to day life then Latte might be the perfect fit for you 🤎 Hanna is just as special! She is a complete doll with an extreme Bear face 🐻🤍 Hanna loves to have play sessions with loved ones while still maintaining such a gentle nature. Super well behaved but still packed with personality! Hanna truly is gorgeous in every way ✨

Both of these baby girls are amazing in their own ways & are looking for their new loving family! Tiny and beautiful ❤️✨

Purchase Latte Here  ~ 

Purchase Hanna Here  ~ 

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