Quick Tricks For Dogs And Cats Living Together 🐶🐱🤎

Quick Tricks For Dogs And Cats Living Together 🐶🐱🤎

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Quick Tricks for Dogs and Cats Living Together


  • Introduce the pair after they’ve eaten and are both relaxed
  • Keep the dog on a leash and the cat on the other side of the room
  • Allow them to smell each other first.  Scent is important to both dogs and cats
  • Provide treats for both – You want them to associate treats with being with each other
  • Watch both animals for warning signs that something is not right.  This means watching their body language. 
  • Leave them in a small room but stay near enough to intervene if necessary
  • Don’t allow the cat to run away—the dog will immediately look at this as a game of chase.
  • Don’t punish either animal for aggression.  You don’t want your dog thinking he will get into trouble if the cat is around. He might decide that his job is to fend off the cat at all costs.
  • Provide a tall scratching post/tower with multiple landings for the cat to rest and observe the dog from a high perch. 🐶🐱🤎

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