Christmas Puppies

Christmas Puppies


    First of all Babypups wants to wish you and your family the best Holiday season and Merry Christmas! is opening our Yearly Christmas Wish List Now and Any puppies Listed on this page will be available in time for the glorious Christmas Day celebrations! 

    1. If you select a puppy on our Wish List before the age of 4 weeks old we will offer you a $250 Discount off the full price of the puppy and you will also receive a cute T-shirt with our Logo for you! We will also offer you a 20% coupon code to shop our Babypups Fashion Spot to purchase cute holiday items for your new puppy! 

    2. We offer updates on all our our puppies every 2 weeks and one complimentary live video of your puppy that will be broadcasted on our facebook page. You will be sent a time and date to watch our live video showing your new baby! 

    3. All puppies purchased before 4 weeks old can set up a biweekly payment plan for their puppy with a 20 percent down payment to reserve. We do require the biweekly payments to be made or the puppy is listed back up for sale and your are given a letter of credit minus re-listing fee. All payment plan options are set up with bank wire only as we will not take credit card payments due to cancellations of payments. If you would like to pay in full for your puppy then we will accept card payments. 

    4. If you are wanting to set up a payment plan on a puppy you see for Christmas please call us at 1-888-743-0325 or chat with our on our LIVE chat so that we can get everything we need to reserve your puppy. 

    5. We offer NO REFUNDS on cancellations for any reason! If you do not keep up with your biweekly payments your puppy will be listed back up for sale and you will given a letter of credit to use within the next 90 days! If you pay in full and decide to cancel you will be offered a letter of credit minus our re-listing fee. Again, WE DO NOT offer ANY REFUNDS for ANY CANCELLATIONS!