Korean Teacup Puppies For Sale

Korean Teacup Puppies For Sale






    Special Terms and Rules Apply to Korean Puppy Purchases! Make sure you read the information below regarding the purchase. If you see this tag above listed on the puppys photo then these rules apply.

    Korean Puppies For Sale from our Breeding Program from South Korea. These are our select puppies available from our program and are offered to clients who are still loving the Korean Style and Look. Most of our own breeding program from these lines that we personally breed as well for USA Pups. These puppies offered for direct shipping only to select airports that are listed on each of their pages. Viewing in person or pick up in person is NOT AN OPTION for Korean puppies. We do offer video calls to see puppies with a deposit. We only ship Korean Pups to Select Airports listed in the description of each puppy. There will be additonal fees at the airport for pickup ranging from $75-$300 depending on that the airline charges for handling fees.  We do go live with korean puppies 11pm CST a few nights a week. Sign up for text marketing to get notifications when we are LIVE showing our Korean Puppies. 

    Update 08/21: Now all Korean Airline Ports Are requiring brokers to clear puppies entering the USA and those are not covered by Babypups and must be paid directly to the broker of your choice. 

    Korean Puppies we only accept 50 percent of the payment via credit card and rest via bank wire for liability purposes. You may wire full payment at initial reservation and receive $250 discount off the purchase price in total. 

    Text PUPS to 72599 to sign up for TEXT MARKETING

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