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Babypups VIP Group

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Exclusive Offers and Promos for VIP Members!

Monthly Drawing Events for Luxury Accessories for puppies!

Entry for VIP MEMBER Puppy Giveaway Drawings Held Every 3 months! Must be a member for 3 months consecutively to enter the drawing and be a member when the drawing is hosted. Luxury puppy value up to $6000. Shipping free to our select cities listed.

Puppy Care Packages Shipped to client after purchase of a puppy!

VIP MEMBER LOYALITY DISCOUNT of 1500 Points Granted for $150 off your purchase of any puppy on our site!

We will add 1000 points each month you are an active member of our VIP GROUP to earn more discount points!

3 Free Video calls til you find the perfect puppy!

1 FREE Follow up video call after purchase of one of our puppies!


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  • January 25, 2023


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